Sperti Vitamin D D/UV-F KBD review

The Sperti Vitamin D D/UV-F KBD delivers something that the majority of the best light therapy lamps specifically avoid: UV light. While the UVB rays emitted by the Sperti Vitamin D are less harmful than UVA rays, they can still come with many risks. On the plus side, soaking in UV rays is a fast way to increase vitamin D levels and treat certain skin conditions, such as psoriasis, but you should only do so at safe levels and always with your doctor’s guidance.

Unlike the best sunrise alarm clocks , which are designed to gently rouse you each morning with a cheery sunrise glow, this Vitamin D lamp is for use once you’re awake and out of bed. Many people use similar lamps in their home office to give their mood a boost. Exercise is another great mood booster, as is sleep. For the former, consider using one of the best fitness trackers to get more active each day, while for sleep take a look at our guides to the best mattress online and the best pillows .

Sperti Vitamin D D/UV-F KBD review: Features

To protect your eyes during sessions, this lamp comes with two pairs of protective eyewear. It uses four D/UVF bulbs, which have a lifespan of 1,000 hours. 

The Vitamin D relies on a rugged body design for top performance, and requires shorter therapy sessions than many other sun lamps. This makes it ideal for people who are constantly on the go.

Sessions with the Sperti Vitamin D can last anywhere from 5-15 minutes. A short timer reduces the risk of overexposure and provides an easy way to track more advanced treatments.

Sperti Vitamin D D/UV-F KBD review: Performance

You can’t adjust light intensity with this lamp. Instead, it projects with maximum intensity at all times, and the manufacturer recommends a minimum distance of at least 15 inches to avoid burns. The lamp itself measures two feet tall, and weighs nearly 15 pounds with the lights installed. The unit comes with a removable eight-foot cord. It is flicker-free and has been designed to eliminate buzzing sounds, which used to accompany this kind of lamp.

Despite its powerful light levels, this sun lamp does not require a doctor’s prescription. The automatic shutoff control and durable construction serve as vital safety features, so you can use this as a therapeutic tool relatively often without much additional risk. Even with these features, the sun lamp produces potentially harmful levels of light and requires extra care during usage.

Should you buy the Sperti Vitamin D D/UV-F KBD?

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As we mentioned before, the Sperti Vitamin D D/UV-F KBD has now been discontinued and is therefore likely to be hard to find. Even if you do manage to find one, sourcing spare parts could be a problem. There are plenty of excellent alternatives that offer an equal, if not superior, experience.