Octane Q37X Review

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Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it has been discontinued. You can still read our original review below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this product’s information.

The Octane Q37X is a basic elliptical machine that still includes some important monitoring features and workout options. Its flywheel weighs 20 pounds, which is decent for a smooth motion while exercising. This elliptical bike also has the lowest step-up height, only 4 inches. This makes the Octane Q37 a great option for a room with a low ceiling clearance. The standard console lacks a couple presets and features, but this is still a good weight loss machine.

The Octane Q37X has only eight workout presets. Most fitness experts recommend elliptical trainers with a minimum of 10 presets, but eight is plenty to help you lose weight. One of the presets is a Quick Start program. This allows you to do your own warmups, such as stretching or light walking, before you jump on the elliptical. Once you’re on, the Quick Start lets you dive right into a rigorous workout routine, bypassing the normal warmup step. This elliptical also has a manual mode. This means you can use it as soon as you step on, without having to first turn on or set the console program.

One unique feature of this elliptical trainer is the dual foot placers – one that moves along with the standard motion stride, and a set of stationary placeholders. The non-moving foot rests allow you to use the moving handrails and work out your upper core muscles, much like using the stationary handrails allows you to focus on the lower core muscles.

This elliptical trainer is capable of connecting with Polar brand chest strap heart monitors, but you will have to purchase your strap separately, as the Octane Q37X doesn’t come with one. There are hand grip heart monitors located on the stationary handlebars that are just as effective at reading, recording and monitoring your heart rate if you choose to forgo the chest monitor.

To make your workout more fun and engaging, the Octane Q37X includes speakers so you can connect your music device, such as an iPod, MP3 player or cell phone, and listen to your music list while working out. It also has a book holder so you can read while exercising. Unlike many of the best ellipticals, though, it’s not compatible with a fitness app to help you track your progress. There is an option to purchase a larger console that includes dual screens and a tablet holder; however, adding this feature will cost you a few extra hundred dollars, since it also includes additional presets and other high-tech features that the standard console lacks.

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Octane includes a five-year warranty on parts and a lifetime warranty on the frame. If you need any help setting up, programming, using or maintaining the elliptical, you can find a lot of information online through the FAQs section and user guides. You can also contact support personnel directly by email or telephone.

The Octane Q37X is a basic but good elliptical machine, especially for working toward weight loss goals. While it doesn’t have as many presets and accessories as the best ellipticals in our review, the Octane Q37X is a sturdy machine. The extra stationary foot pedals and the manual mode make this a convenient tool for getting into shape.